Bilateralne – dzień z życia Julii (EN)


A support network for individuals with Tourette’s syndrome, managed by Norsk Tourette Forening, has existed for a long time in Norway. There are about 10,000 people with this mental disorder in Poland.

The Polish Tourette’s Syndrome Association collaborated with Norsk Tourette Forening with co-participation of the Tourette Association from Iceland to organise a workshop. Participants produced a video based on the experience of individuals affected by the condition.

The script was used for an animated film entitled Julia. It portrays a day in the life of individuals with Tourette’s syndrome. The film was shown in animated film festivals and promoted by organisations from Poland, Iceland and Norway.

Bilateralne – wizyty studyjne (EN)


582 individuals took part in study visits; 400 individuals from Poland attended various meetings in Norway and Iceland; 182 individuals from Norway and Iceland visited Poland.

Organisations exchanged experiences with participation and advocacy, public participation and social integration of minorities. They shared views on equality policies, the fight against gender-based violence and women’s rights.

Bilateralne – zamówienia publiczne (EN)


Sustainable public procurement has played an increasingly important role in Norway and Western European countries. Focus has shifted towards employment for socially vulnerable individuals and reducing the environmental footprint.

The CSR Centre Foundation has produced a publication about sustainable public procurement in practice based on the experience of a Norwegian organisation, Ethical Trading Initiative.

It has used it to promote the concept during round table discussions held in 5 cities in Poland and during 39 individual advocacy meetings (in universities, municipal companies, marshal offices).

Bilateralne – art. 207 (EN)


There is a very effective support system for victims of violence in Iceland and men tend to be quite active in violence prevention projects.

The Positive Change Foundation met with activists of the UN HeForShe campaign and the SlutWalk movement as well as the Men Take Responsibility group and Stigamot to learn more about Icelandic experiences.

The relationship with Stigamot has resulted in the formation of an informal group of men acting against violence called ART 207 Arts Anti-violence Group. The group has organised several street events, co-organised a local edition of the Stage for the Bad ass festival and presented a show at the 2nd Polish Women’s Congress in Austria.